The Kellogg’s commitment to global sustainability

As one of the companies who had grown to become one of the leading in the status, the company also has the commitment to the global sustainability effort. As there is a need for the earth to be helped due to the impending disasters that could happen if all of the activities will just pursue so the company had joined hand in the mission. It is right that as one who has a good profit, one also will share through helping the environment and the community.

That is why the above is the list of the mission that the company will do to help have a sustainability. Let us see for one the commitment with the waste factor. It is written that the goal is to have 30% of the plants that have no waste to be sent out to the landfill. Waste is not easy to manage so if they are reduced then there are also things that could become positive with it. There are eight concerns of the company to be addressed.

Another issue is that to help women who are also in the chain of the production of agricultural products. Women also work on the farms to help their family earn an income. Efforts are being made so they could have better living conditions through livelihood programs. There are many aspects that the company looks so that it could contribute to the developing of the packaging so it is source efficient. There are more into the farmer section also written above.